At STRONGONES, we run with a deeper meaning. We understand that running has profound spiritual significance for many native cultures and we aim to strengthen and celebrate this tradition. In collaboration with tribes across the country, we create running apparel with a distinctly native identity, empowering and connecting native runners of all nations and ages. At STRONGONES, we run strong, and we run proud. 


  • August 2012: A video project was implemented, focusing on utilizing Hopi runners to share the message of how running has contributed to their approach in life.
  • October 2012: Inspired by the words spoken during the filming of the video, Moenkopi Developers Corporation began planning their first ever Runner's Forum. The forum focuses on creating an opportunity for runners to share their stories of how running has impacted their life. The forum continues to host the same event the first weekend in January.
  • January 2013: The first Runner's Forum was held. A strong presence by the Olympian Billy Mills of the Oglala-Lakota Souix, Tarahumara, South Sudanese, Navajo, Gila River, and many other backgrounds created awareness of many cultures also holding running as a way of life in their culture.
  • February 2013: STRONGONES became a project, focusing on creating a product and service that native runners could relate to.
  • April 2014: Caroline Sekaquaptewa completed the "People's Olympics" Boston Marathon race in the first ever hand-sewn STRONGONES jersey.
  • November 2014: The Sekaquaptewas, Wayne and Caroline both completed the AZ IronMan in Tempe. They humbly accepted the opportunity to promote STRONGONES in the first ever Culture Shirt: Red Hopi-Hohongvit STRONGONES. The back of the shirt read "save the best for last", paying homage to the final event in the triathlon which is the marathon. They also donned STRONGONES on their Tri-suits.
  • March 2015: STRONGONES partners with an organization to create the first partner Culture Shirt: Navajo-Dabidziiligi STRONGONES
  • April 2015: Caroline and Steven Ovah compete in the Boston Marathon in prototype STRONGONES jerseys. Natives running in Boston were gifted the latest culture tees that highlighted Hopi and Navajo Running cultures. Local Running legend of Tuba City Thomas Hatathli of the Navajo Nation also completed his 14th Boston Marathon race and shared with STRONGONES when he returned,  "I practically had the Tshirt on the whole time I was in Boston".
  • Spring-Fall 2015: STRONGONES distributed many styles of STRONGONES apparel, preparing for products to be selected for an online store.
  • August 2015: STRONGONES partners with an organization to create the second partner Culture Shirt: Kenya- Chekimen STRONGONES
  • September 2015: STRONGONES gifts officials of Kenya some gear to take back to their country. The concept was shared and accepted warmly by all who listened, including 2015 Boston Marathon champion Caroline Rotich
  • October 2015: Unveiling of the new website, complete with an online store.


Various STRONGONES shirt styles created up to March 2015