Every STRONGONES design has a story, a unique meaning. We collaborate with native designers to celebrate traditions of running, and uplift native cultures across the globe.

STRONGONES was born on the Hopi reservation, and its longest-running collaboration is with Hopi designers. Together with these designers, STRONGONES has created a series of apparel that reflects the importance of running within Hopi culture. This apparel helps to educate both our own Hopi people, and those beyond Hopi soil, on the deep significance of Hopi symbols and traditions.

It is the mission of STRONGONES to collaborate with as many tribes as possible. We have featured designs from tribes as close as the neighboring Navajo Nation, and as far as the people of Kenya. Our doors are always open to tribes who are looking to explore and share the importance of running to their culture - together, we are stronger.

Hopi 2 Boston 2018

StrongOnes is proud to support our 2018 native runners who share the Hopi heritage within them. This design pays tribute to our runners, the Hopi communities in which they come from, and the amazing accomplishment of them qualifying for the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Every shirt purchased will benefit Caroline, Jackie, Wayne, Trent, and Anthony in numerous ways. We would love to see you all supporting our “strong ones” by wearing this shirt on Boston Marathon Monday: April 16th.

This sale is run campaign-style. Order your shirt(s) and all orders will be sent out beginning April 10th, 2018 via USPS First-Class mail. T-Shirts are 100% cotton.

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