STRONGONES was born out of a dream to create a specific, cultural identity for native runners. The words of accomplished triathlete and Iron Man competitor Caroline Sekaquaptewa first sparked the STRONGONES vision: "It would be cool to have something to buy for [my daughter] to wear when she goes to run in other states that tells people she is a Hopi runner.”

After speaking to members of other tribes, the founders of STRONGONES realized that many other natives want the same kind of representation for their people as Caroline wanted for her daughter. STRONGONES has been collaborating with native athletes, artists, and communities ever since, bringing culture-specific designs to native communities across the country.  


STRONGONES is more than an apparel company. We partner with community organizations to support native running initiatives, and donate a portion of all of our proceeds towards supporting these projects. We know the power that running holds to affect positive change in a community, and it is our dream to see all native running programs thrive. With every purchase of STRONGONES products, you are supporting running programs within native communities. You are helping keep the tradition alive.


As running continues to grow on a national scale, STRONGONES believes that pride in our traditional teachings on running should continue to grow as well. STRONGONES provides a platform for the sharing of these traditions among native nations. Together, we will learn and celebrate the cultural importance of running.