STRONGONES believes that native nations are most powerful when we connect with one another, and our production process is therefore deeply rooted in collaboration. Because STRONGONES wishes to provide a distinct running identity for people of all tribes, we begin each project through a collaboration with a native designer, who brings his or her own culture into the design. Our team of native professionals oversees the garment production process to assure the highest quality of materials, construction, and printing. We strive to work with businesses that support communities, and most of our products and their materials are 100% made in the USA.


STRONGONES partners with Tribal Era Screen Printing, an entity of Moenkopi Developers Corporation located in the heart of the Upper Village of Moenkopi, Arizona. Like STRONGONES, Tribal Era strives to support growth throughout Indian Country. We are excited to partner with a like-minded organiztion to bring quality screen printing to all STRONGONES products.